School follows the C.B.S.E pattern of education. Subjects taught in school are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computers, Art and Craft, Moral Science, Physical Training and games.

Tests & Examination:

In order to guage the progress of each child, terminal examinations are held at the end of each term, apart from the scheduled weekly tests.

No student will be allowed to miss any test or examination. If the child is sick, an application by the parents giving the reason for absence, should reach the school along with a medical certificate the same day. In an academic year exemption will be granted only once, after due verification. In case the student is unable to appear in any test or examination, his yearly performance will be taken into account.

The result of all these tests and examination are forwarded to the parents by means of a progress report. Parents are requested to sign and return the result cards to the class teacher.


Promotion are made once a year after the Annual Examinations, considering the marks of all the examinations, It Is Not Enough To Pass in The Annual Examinations Alone, The Minimum Pass Marks in All The Subjects Is 40%.

At the time of promotion, attendance is also considered. Each student must have not less than 90% attendance for the whole year.

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