Guidelines for Parents

Every student is expected to be regular with the homework. Students who neglect their class and homework will be dealt with seriously.

Pupils who are absent without any leave, shall bring an application to the class teacher when they return to school. Application for leave should reach the Principal before 8:00 a.m. the same day. Application for leave should be entered in the dairy in the space provided by parents.

If any student is found absent for more than ten days without any information, his/her name will be struck off from the register.

Cleanliness is another aspect which is given importance. Children Are Expected To Come To School In Neat And Clean Uniforms, Shoes Polished, Hair Cut And Nails Clipped Short.

Please see that your children bring with them their tiffin, pencil, books etc. regularly to school.

The school has full authority to censor any letter that may come to the school address. No request for change of name, date of birth will be entertained.

No noise should be made in the school premises during class hours, or while going up and down the stairs.

Any damage caused deliberately to the school property will have to be paid for by the parents/guardians.

Students Who Come Without The Prescribed Uniform And Untidy Will Be Sent Home.

Your child should be made conscious of being neat and clean at all times.

On saturdays children are expected to come in white dress to school. It should be seen that all washing and repairs of the children’s uniform is done on saturdays.

For reasons like neglect of studies, stealing, causing damage to the school property, writing on walls etc, the school has full authority to dismiss the child after three warnings.

School diary must be brought to the school daily.

Tuitions: The management does not favour the practice of private-tuitions. If, however, the child does not show an improvement in his studies, parents may give an application in the office to the principal requesting that tuition may be allowed, and naming the teacher they wish to engage.

Parent-Teacher Meeting:

The school arranges parent-teacher meetings four to five times a year. Parents are required to come and meet teachers and the Principal regarding the progress of their child in school. The date and day of the meeting will be announced later through the school dairy. Parents Are Expected To Sign Every Test And Send The Copy Back To School The Next Day.

Besides the regular parent-teacher meeting, if any parent has any thing to discuss with the teacher, or the Principal, regarding their ward at any time, they are free to come to the office and do so.

To ensure perfect character building of a child, parents must encourage qualities like truthfulness, honesty, sincerity and perseverance. They should be made to realise their mistake and taught good habits for character building. As the child grows older he should be encouraged to make his own bed, polish his own shoes, and keep his room tidy. This will encourage the child to develop a sense of responsibility and good habits from early childhood, enabling him to be a useful member of society.

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