Principal's Message

I’m elated to welcome all the children eager to join Whitehall School.

Greetings to all!!
Our primary objective is to see to the basic needs of our toddlers as they enter our gates; nurture each one according to their interest and then together gently move them towards educational excellence, till; over the years they grow into confident, mannerly, sensitive and alert human beings.

We ensure a happy, safe and positive atmosphere in school, to bring out their potential.

The curriculum is knitted together keeping in view the age and capability of children. Staff at Whitehall are carefully recruited to maintain high standards of education. Children are always under the supervision of their teachers.

There is an air of encouragement and motivation within the class rooms and without.

Many activities are paved out throughout the year to capture the talent and potential of the children.

From the weaning off from their milk bottles to walking out as confident Whitehallians; our children tread on a path enriched with knowledge and multiple opportunities.

After graduating from grade five, our ten year olds step into our senior school located in Lamachaur, in grade six and finally pass out from grade twelve.

Students carry with them the ethics and school culture embedded in their personalities their entire school journey.

I bless and wish each ‘Whitehallian’ a future full of hope and prosperity.

God Bless.

Mrs. Shalini Sarah Madhu Lal

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