This is an unaided minority school and does not receive any financial aid from the government or any other concern, and the only income is the school fee realised from the students. Hence it becomes necessary to increase the fees from time to time in order to increase the salaries of the staff and general maintenance. It is important that fee be deposited by the 10th of each month failing which a fine of Rs. 50/- per day will be charged.

If the dues are not cleared by the end of the month the name of the student will be removed from the registers without any notice and he may be re-admitted with a fine and re-admission fee. Re- admission will be at the Principal’s discretion.

All students have to pay full fees for 12 months even if they withdraw in between the session.

Fee Schedule:

In April for the month of April + Annual Charge (term I).
In May for the month of May & June.
In July for the month of July + Diary Charges.
In August for the month of August + Exam fee (term I).
In September for the month of September.
In October for the month of October + Annual Charge (term II).
In November for the month of November.
In December for the month of December.
In January for the month of January + Exam fee (term II).
In February for the month of February + March.


Students using the school bus will be charged for 12 months. If any child wishes to stop the school transport, he/she should give one month’s notice or else one month’s transport dues will be charged. School can stop conveyance for any route at any time, depending on the condition of the road.

All the students are expected to develop good character. They should always be obedient and respectful to their teachers and the practice of good manners will always be insisted upon.

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