About School

Enthusiasm never ends inside the premises of Whitehall. Our children are like the seven flamboyant colours of a rainbow; each a special one in its own sphere, and each important enough, to share their colour for a complete picture of the rainbow. The inception of the school took place in July 1992 with 35 students on the first opening day, which grew to 85 by the year end. At that time Whitehall was the only school in the vicinity of a few houses scattered afar. The location of the school could boast of clean and fresh air with a broad outlay of green field all around. The only means of transport for the children were a Matador Bus and a Maruti Van. Since then, and now, it’s been a great journey.

We can boast of a junior school, at Unchapul, with a student capacity of a thousand, and senior school at Lamachaur, affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, which holds classes from Grade I to XII with a capacity of fifteen hundred students. Both the schools have a panel of trained staff who are ever vigilant about the progress of the children in curricular and co-curricular fields as well.

A variety of programs are an essential part of the co-curricular curriculam of the schools. Shows are held annually, to exhibit the potential talents, which are displayed on the field or on the broad stage. Children partake in interschool competitions to win laurels for themselves and the school at large.

Discipline of the school is the foremost requirement of every Whitehallian. Self discipline of staff and students is a quality, which can be observed from a distance.

School offers transport to many areas of the town through our buses.

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